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Featured Excavator ZoomLion ZE135E-10F

Featured Excavator ZoomLion ZE135E-10F

Here’s a brief review of the ZE135E-10F Medium Excavator by Zoomlion:

Performance & Efficiency: The ZE135E-10F is a forestry machine that stands out for its superior performance. It is equipped with excellent slewing torque, which is notable among excavators of the same tonnage, ensuring efficient simultaneous movements1. The tailored hydraulic system allows for a perfect match with the power system, resulting in an impressive fuel efficiency increase of more than 13% under economic mode2.
Design & Comfort: With a focus on operator comfort, the ZE135E-10F boasts superb all-round visibility thanks to its design, which includes over 51% glass transmittance. This feature not only enhances safety but also contributes to the comfort of driving3.
Reliability: Designed specifically for forestry operations, this excavator meets the demands of heavy loads and performs well on plateaus, highlighting its safety and reliability in challenging environments.
Support & Services: Zoomlion also emphasizes customer service, offering a comprehensive service network and prompt inquiry responses, ensuring that clients have support throughout their product experience.

ZoomLion ZE135E-10F

This excavator is a robust and reliable choice for forestry operations, combining performance, efficiency, and comfort with the backing of Zoomlion’s customer service.

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