The 933E is designed to strike a perfect balance between performance, safety, and comfort. Its rugged build allows you to achieve more while keeping costs in check. Whether you’re tackling extreme endurance challenges or everyday tasks, the 933E is up to the task.

The Liugong 933E is designed for tough excavation tasks, making it suitable for activities such as truck loading, digging, trenching, and backfilling. Its large glass surface area and rear-view camera provide an extraordinary view of the surroundings, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Please note that this excavator is not specifically used for a single purpose but can handle various heavy-duty construction tasks. Whether it’s digging foundations, moving earth, or other excavation work, the Liugong 933E is up to the challenge!

  • Weight: It weighs 31.8 tons.
  • Transport Length10.65 meters.
  • Transport Width3.19 meters.
  • Transport Height3.525 meters.
  • Tear-out Force203 kN.
  • Dredging Depth7.3 meters.
  • Maximum Reach (Horizontal)10.453 meters.
  • Bucket Capacity1.4 cubic meters.
  • Engine Power156 kW.
  • Engine ManufacturerCummins.
  • Track Width600 mm.
  • Equipped with air conditioning for operator comfort.