The Liugong B230 bulldozer is a powerful construction machine designed for various earth-moving tasks. Here are some key specifications and details about its usage:

  1. Weight: The B230 has an operating weight of approximately 24,500 kg.
  2. Engine Power: It is powered by a highly efficient 169 kW (240 hp) rated Cummins engine, delivering maximum performance while minimizing fuel consumption.
  3. Blade Capacity: The B230 features a 7.8 m³ blade capacity.
  4. Control and Precision: The ergonomic instrument design ensures that professional dozer operators can use the power with sensitivity and control. This design allows for precise performance during demanding dozing jobs.
  5. Built to Last: LiuGong dozers are engineered for maximum durability, using wear-resistant materials. They operate effectively even in the world’s toughest conditions.

The B230 bulldozer is ideal for tasks such as grading, leveling, pushing soil, and clearing debris on construction sites. Its robust design and superior performance make it a reliable choice for heavy-duty earth-moving operations