Certainly! CODE is a new multi-purpose farm mechanization solution introduced by Swaraj Tractors, which is part of the Mahindra Group. Let’s explore some details about this innovative offering:

  1. Purpose and Features:
    • Versatility: CODE is a versatile multi-purpose ride-on machine designed for various agricultural applications.
    • Design: It boasts a narrow and lightweight design, making it suitable for orchards and other specialized farming needs.
    • Dual Ground Clearance: CODE features dual ground clearance, allowing it to navigate different terrains effectively.
    • Bi-Directional Driving: The ability to drive in both directions enhances maneuverability and efficiency.
  2. Application:
    • CODE aims to transform horticulture farming in India by providing a reliable and adaptable solution for farmers.
  3. Disruption in Farming Equipment:
    • The introduction of CODE represents a significant shift in how tractors and farming equipment are sold and serviced.
    • Mahindra’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction drives this disruptive approach.

Whether you’re managing orchards, livestock, or other specialized farming operations, CODE offers a practical solution backed by Mahindra’s expertise.