The Liugong 2.5t forklift serves as a reliable and versatile workhorse in various industrial settings. Let’s explore its features and applications:

  1. Capacity and Engine Options:
  1. Robust Design and Safety Features:
    • The 2.5t forklift features a proven basic design, making it a robust and durable choice.
    • Operator comfort and safety are prioritized with features like a suspension seat and retractable seat belt.
    • The hydraulic system includes anti-explosion protection and a shock absorber mechanism in the lift cylinders.
  2. Performance and Efficiency:
    • The optimized hydraulic system ensures efficient lifting speed, allowing operators to complete tasks swiftly and safely.
    • The full hydraulic steering system provides smooth steering, enhancing operator comfort.
    • The machine’s design offers excellent mast visibility with 3-stage full free masts (up to 6 meters high).
  3. Customization Options:
    • You can specify different types of tires, including pneumaticnon-marking, and solid tires.
    • Optional configurations include features like Curtis controllersenclosed cabins, and various attachments.