MOL Hydro HV series are multigrade hydraulic oils that exceed the ISO HV requirements. These high-performance oils offer outstanding thermal and mechanical stability, making them ideal for outdoor applications in hydraulic systems operating across a wide temperature range.


  1. MOL Hydro Prime HV ZF Series
  2. MOL Hydro HV Series
  3. MOL Hydro HME Series
  4. MOL HydroHM  Series
  5. MOL Biohyd S Series
  • Thermal Stability: Ensures reliable performance even in varying temperatures.
  • Mechanical Stability: Protects against wear and tear, contributing to longer equipment life.
  • Excellent Filterability: Compatible with fine filtration systems, essential for modern hydraulic setups.
  • Low Foam Formation: Minimizes foam-related issues during operation.
  • Reduced Sludge Formation: Results in cleaner servo valves and actuators.
  • Suitable for High-Pressure Systems: Designed for demanding applications2. (Click Detailed link)

Whether it’s heavy machinery, construction equipment, or industrial systems, MOL Hydro HV oils provide the reliability and protection needed for smooth hydraulic operation.