Let’s explore the Liugong 2.0T electric forklift (model CLG2020A). This advanced electrical A series forklift features a SME-controlled dual AC brushless drive system, offering exceptional performance and efficiency. Here are the key details:

  • Load Capacity: The CLG2020A can handle up to 2,000 kg at a 500 mm load center.
  • Battery: It operates on a 48-volt battery.
  • Controller: Equipped with an Italian SME AC controller.
  • Comfort and Safety:
    • The full hydraulic steering system ensures smooth steering in an ergonomic seating posture, enhancing operator comfort.
    • The optimized hydraulic system provides excellent lifting speed, allowing efficient and safe work completion.
    • The mast and overhead guard design offer a wider view for improved safety and comfort.
    • The operating space is ergonomically designed for a better operator experience.
  • Optional Configurations:
    • Power System: Choose a Curtis controller.
    • Undercarriage: Opt for solid pneumatic drive tires (non-marking) and solid pneumatic steer tires (non-marking).
    • Hydraulic System: Select a 3-function hydraulic valve.
    • Electric System: Consider a 48V/540Ah lead-acid battery.
    • Other options include rear working lights, amber warning lights, and license plate lights.
  • Maintenance: The rear hood design allows for easy maintenance.

As a customer of LiuGong, you can rely on their extensive support network for training, service, and maintenance throughout the machine’s life