The Goble Disc Harrow by Hisarlar is a versatile agricultural implement designed to enhance efficiency and productivity for farmers. Let’s delve into the details:

  • Design and Features:
    • The Goble Disc Harrow offers high efficiency and low fuel consumption.
    • It provides flexibility to farmers through:
      • Changeable battery angles: You can adjust the working angle of the two disc batteries (up to 40°) using the hydraulic system.
      • Hydraulic working: The batteries turn in opposite directions, and during operation, mechanical locking mechanisms prevent stress on the hydraulic system.
      • Carriage position selection: The harrow’s adjustable drawbar allows you to optimize its position.
    • Hisarlar provides a wide range of models, backed by an experienced service network and easy-to-find spare parts.
    • The Goble Disc Harrow comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Specifications:
    • Mobility: Trailed (towed behind a tractor).
    • Number of Sections: 2-section design.
    • Width Options:
      • 2,500 mm (98.43 in)
      • 2,590 mm (101.97 in)
      • 3,000 mm (118.11 in)

For more information, you can visit the Hisarlar website or explore their product catalog to discover other innovative agricultural solutions12Hisarlar, established in 1974 as a family company, continues to contribute to the art of farming with its reliable machinery