The Liugong 856H is a robust wheel loader designed for various applications in construction and material handling. Let’s delve into its specifications and uses:

  1. Specifications:
    • Weight: The 856H weighs 17.8 tons.
    • Transport Length: It has a transport length of 8.318 meters.
    • Bucket Capacity: The bucket capacity is 3.1 cubic meters.
    • Maximum Discharge Height: It can reach a maximum discharge height of 2.955 meters.
    • Travel Speed: The machine’s travel speed is 38.6 km/h.
    • Transport Width: The width during transport is 2.75 meters.
    • Transport Height: The height during transport is 3.45 meters.
    • Lifting Force: The 856H exerts a lifting force of 175 kN.
    • Engine: Powered by a Cummins QSB6.7 engine with 160 kW of output.
    • Emission Level: Compliant with Tier 4f/EU IV standards.
  2. Uses:
    • Construction Sites: The 856H is ideal for loading and transporting materials on construction sites.
    • Quarries and Mines: It efficiently handles bulk materials in quarries and mines.
    • Infrastructure Projects: Whether it’s road construction or building projects, this wheel loader contributes to efficient material handling.
    • Agriculture: It can assist in agricultural tasks such as moving soil, gravel, or feed.
    • Industrial Warehouses: The 856H is useful for indoor material handling in warehouses and factories.

Remember, the 856H combines mobility, flexibility, and efficiency, making it a reliable choice across diverse industries!