The Mahindra 10×10 Compact Disc Harrow is a versatile agricultural implement designed to prepare the soil efficiently before planting crops. Here are the technical specifications for this robust harrow:

  1. Number of Discs: Equipped with 20 discs in total.
  2. Disc Diameter (Optional): You have three choices:
    • 560 mm
    • 610 mm
    • 660 mm
  3. Disc Type: The front discs are notched, while the rear discs remain plain.
  4. Frame Construction: Built with a sturdy 100 x 100 square pipe frame.
  5. Disc Spacing: The spacing between discs is 230 mm.
  6. Maximum Depth: The depth is adjustable, ranging from 150 mm to 200 mm, depending on soil moisture and field conditions.

The Mahindra 10×10 Compact Disc Harrow ensures smooth operation while minimizing the load on your tractor.