Mahindra 7590 series tractors. These tractors offer powerful performance and high-level productivity. Here are the key specifications:

  1. Engine:
    • Model: The 7590 tractors are equipped with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine.
    • Horsepower: They deliver a powerful 80-92 HP.
    • Torque: The maximum torque ranges from 300 Nm on the 7580 model to 330 Nm on the 7590 model.
  2. Transmission:
    • The tractors feature a 12F + 12R synchromesh transmission with synchro shuttle shift technology.
    • Dual PTO speeds with independent PTO enhance versatility.
  3. 4WD Capability:
    • The heavy-duty 4WD system ensures reliable performance even in demanding applications.
  4. Ergonomics and Design:
    • The full platform design includes side-shift gears, providing superior ergonomics for the operator.

These Mahindra tractors are well-suited for various tasks, whether you’re working on a farm, construction site, or any heavy-duty job