The Mahindra Disc Plough is a robust agricultural implement designed for efficient field preparation, especially in the presence of heavy crop residue. Here are the technical specifications for the Mahindra 2-disc plough:

  1. Frame: Sturdy pipe frame construction.
  2. Trash Clearance: High trash clearance to operate seamlessly in fields with heavy crop residue.
  3. Cutting Discs: Equipped with 2 fixed plain discs, available in either 26’’ (660 mm) or 28’’ (710 mm) sizes.
  4. Cutting Angle Adjustment: Individual or combined cutting angle adjustment for the discs.
  5. Soil Penetration: Adjustable disc angle for better soil penetration.
  6. Furrow Wheel: Height-adjustable furrow wheel with angular positioning.
  7. Disc Scrapers: Independent height-adjustable disc scrapers.
  8. Support Stand: Includes a support stand for attachment.