MOL offers a range of high-quality commercial vehicle gear oils designed to ensure efficient, reliable operation and an improved lifetime for parts. Let’s explore some of their options:

  1. MOL Hykomol TDL 75W-90:
    • A peak performance synthetic transmission oil with a special formulation for complete driveline protection.
    • Provides efficient wear protection even under heavy load and in a wide temperature range.
    • Suitable for manual transmissions and differentials.
  2. MOL Hykomol Synt 75W-90:
    • High-performance, long-life transmission oil with EP additives for manual transmissions.
    • Ideal for commercial vehicles equipped with manual gearboxes.
  3. MOL Hykomol Syntrans 75W-80:
    • High-performance synthetic transmission oil for commercial vehicles equipped with manual transmissions.
    • Ensures smooth gear shifting and excellent protection.
  4. MOL Hykomol Arctic 75W-90:
    • High-performance gear oil suitable for manual transmissions and a wide range of applications.
    • Performs well even in cold weather conditions.
  5. MOL Hykomol Trans 80W-90:
    • High-quality mineral oil-based transmission oil for manual transmission gears.
    • Provides good lubrication and protection.
  6. MOL Hykomol ZF 80W-90:
    • High-performance transmission oil primarily for lubricating hypoid tooth, heavy-duty gears.
    • Ensures reliable operation under severe operating conditions.
  7. MOL Hykomol 80W-90 and MOL Hykomol 85W-140:
    • High-performance gear oils suitable for transmissions and a wide range of applications.

Remember to choose the right gear oil based on your vehicle’s specifications and operating conditions for optimal performance and longevity!