MOL Hydro hydraulic oils series, which includes a range of high-quality hydraulic fluids designed for various applications. These carefully formulated oils ensure reliable operation, long equipment life, and reduced maintenance costs.


  • MOL Hydro Prime HV ZF Series
  • MOL Hydro HV Series
  • MOL Hydro HME Series
  • MOL Biohyd Series
  1. MOL Hydro Prime HV Series:
    • These multigrade hydraulic oils substantially exceed ISO HV requirements.
    • Outstanding thermal and mechanical stability makes them ideal for outdoor applications.
    • Suitable for hydraulic systems operating in a wide temperature range.
    • Features:
      • Outstanding wear protection
      • Extra cleanliness
      • Low foaming
      • Excellent filtration properties
      • Long oil change intervals
      • Cold weather protection
  2. Specific Grades within the MOL Hydro Series:
    • MOL Hydro Prime HV 32 ZF: A high-performance zinc-free antiwear hydraulic fluid.
    • MOL Hydro Prime HV 46 ZF: Another zinc-free antiwear hydraulic fluid.
    • MOL Hydro Prime HV 68 ZF: Designed for heavy-duty applications.
    • MOL Hydro HV 15: Premium quality hydraulic fluid.
    • MOL Hydro HV 22: Multigrade hydraulic oil with excellent performance.
    • MOL Hydro HV 32, HV 46, and HV 68: Multigrade hydraulic oils with superior properties.
  3. MOL Biohyd 32S:
    • A synthetic biodegradable ester-based hydraulic fluid.
    • Environmentally friendly and suitable for various applications.

These hydraulic oils provide maximum protection, ensuring smooth operation and longevity for your hydraulic systems. Remember to choose the right grade based on your specific equipment requirements!